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We are a boutique structural and civil engineering design studio, providing high end design solutions on ambitious but relatively small to medium size projects.  At WebbConsult sustainability is an integral part of the design process on all projects.  

Since 2010 WebbConsult have been providing specialised structural and civil engineering design and advice on more than 900 projects. Our project types are many and varied, including architectural homes, tourism, hospitality, education, retail, commercial, industrial, forensic and multi residential. The common theme across our projects is the need for original though. Often this may be due to ambition of the architectural intent, but it can also be due to construction techniques (like modular construction), special site requirements (like working around nesting penguins), and performance requirements (like Passive House).


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Michael Webb

Michael is the founding director of WebbConsult Pty Ltd. Michael’s first five years of practice was at a leading international engineering consultancy, were he gained valuable experience in many prestigious local, national and international projects. This experience included 12 months secondment to the UK and set Michael up with a reputation for excellence in design of architectural, light weight roofs and analysis of high-rise structures. In 2010 Michael founded WebbConsult and has built the practice’s client base and reputation into what it is today. At WebbConsult, Michael has developed many wonderful and productive relationships with clients, architects and builders resulting in a great portfolio of highly successful completed projects. A thorough, logical and creative structural engineer, Michael is one of Australia’s foremost professionals in the field of steel and concrete frame buildings, and sculptural form design. Both at home and abroad, Michael’s intuitive analysis of lightweight roofs, architectural steelwork and concrete framing has resulted in the realisation of numerous state-of-the-art structures. Michael believes his most valuable work-related attribute is his ability to appreciate his client’s goals. At every stage of the process he is focused on understanding the architectural expression and communicating its structural logic in the most straight-forward terms. Solving new problems, especially those posed by great architectural ideas, is what excites Michael most about engineering. “Watching design concepts start out as sketches and calculations and turn into reality is, without doubt, the most exciting aspect of every project”.

Richard Webb

Rick is a qualified Manufacturing Engineer and Fitter & Machinist by trade, bringing a strong practical & technical background and a keen eye for detail. Rick is responsible for ensuring drafting excellence, utilising CAD skills developed over 20 years particularly with AutoCAD and REVIT. He is constantly driving improvements in efficiency and quality into Webb Consult’s drawing standards. With over 7 years of engineering drafting at Webb Consult, Rick has developed a strong understanding of structural and civil engineering principles and construction methodology. Rick’s other skills include problem solving of IT related issues and he loves helping out around the office wherever possible.

Camilo Montoya

In late high school, I developed an interest in architectural forms and understanding how spaces flowed on from another. This placed an interest in architectural design. Mathematics was also a strong interest of mine and engineering allowed me to combine the two into a career I could fully enjoy. I have been with Webb Consult since graduating from Monash University in 2013 and have had the opportunity to work on many exciting projects with a variety of architects, each with their own design intent and concepts. I have enjoyed finding solutions to each individual project and have found that whilst similar concepts can be utilised from project to project, the architecture always changes, and project specific solutions need to be catered for in the design. This has allowed for an always advancing knowledge base that can be applied to future projects. Some of the highlights of my career include the Phillip Island Penguins plus structure which was early on in my career. I have had the opportunity to visit the bunker with my wife and kids and have always had a sense of pride in the project. Other highlights would include the many projects we have completed in Wye River following the bushfires to the area in 2015. Being able to assist the residents of the area in their re-build was a wonderful experience and the difficulty in design considering the landslip & bushfire risks to the area were a great learning experience.

Alex McCartin

I've been into woodworking and carpentry for as long as I can remember, thanks to my family's background in trades. Dad and I tackled all sorts of house projects together, sparking a real passion for the practical side of engineering & construction. This interest has been my compass through studies and on-site experiences, even teaching me some seriously handy woodworking skills – from crafting wine display cases to making intricate jewellery boxes. In 2022, I proudly graduated with Honors from Monash University and have since been an integral part of the WebbConsult team. Working here has been an absolute pleasure, exposing me to a wide range of projects, with one standout being the opportunity to contribute to the Glenrowan Ned Kelly Heritage Centre – a challenging & intricate experience that truly left a mark. I find great satisfaction in the diverse & demanding array of projects that come across my desk, affording me the privilege of collaborating with a host of creative architects who always keep me on my toes! Looking towards the future, my focus remains dedicated to timber structures and sustainable engineering design. My ultimate career goal is to contribute to a future where eco-conscious & eye-catching construction is the standard.

Amy O’Connor

Amy is the finance officer at Webb Consult. With 25 years experience in bookkeeping, accounting and administration of cloud and hard copy based accounting she helps compliment the Webb Consult team. Amy looks at the big picture of Webb Consult business because she knows that it is more than just the numbers. One of her passions is streamlining systems and creating simplified workflows to help manage the increased compliance in the tax and accounting world. Her ethical bookkeeping helps her create a genuine relationship with all major stakeholders of Webb Consult. Amy’s background also includes a Bachelor of Education (Physical Education) and 20 years in the fitness industry. This gives her a commitment to the holistic health and wellness of the individual when it comes to working in your business. This is paramount in her relationship with the Webb Consult team and their clients and suppliers. Amy loves XERO and is a Silver Partner with Advisor and Payroll Certification along with being a BAS Agent since 2014.

Structural Engineers providing optimised solutions

At WebbConsult Pty Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing optimised solutions on all projects, large and small using advanced technical expertise, balanced with practical application, by understanding the client’s and architectural objectives.